Our concrete floor coatings have a variety of colors, styles, and price options to choose from according to your design and budget.

You Can Put Your Trust In Ox Floors Concrete Floor Coatings

Our floor coatings have been carefully formulated and can be adapted to almost any application. We guarantee fast yet careful applications and quick curing times! We can apply our coating for concrete floors inside residences, garages, pool decks, patios, and many more.

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We have specialized advisors and the most advanced features on the market:

  • Quick drying time – In only 3 hours you will be able to use your new floor!
  • Lasting Solution – With a life-of-home warranty!
  • UV-Resistant – To sun exposure and hot liquids!
  • 10x stronger – No more wear or detachment from hot tires!
  • Odorless – With an odorless formula and super easy to clean!

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Your home is the greatest pride for you and your family, so choosing the right type of floor is a fundamental part of protecting its value.

When it comes to floor coatings, quality and durability are paramount. While epoxy and tile flooring are common choices, their short lifespan and susceptibility to deterioration make them less than ideal. Enter Polyaspartic – the advanced coating revolutionizing the market. Offering unparalleled durability and resistance to heavy traffic, Polyaspartic stands out as the premier choice for long-lasting floor protection. Say goodbye to constant replacements and hello to enduring quality with Polyaspartic floor coatings.

What Is The Floor Coating Process Like?

We know that details are essential for a successful application of polyaspartic. Let us take you step by step through the installation process for floor coatings:

  • 1

    Inspection and Testing

    We survey the area to find the correct solution required. Depending on the condition and age of the slab, it may include testing for calcium chloride, moisture content, or contamination.

  • 2

    Substrate Preparation

    We can determine if there are any contaminated slabs with the information found in these tests. Therefore, preparation is an essential process to ensure bonding with the substrate.

  • 3


    Common installation procedures are discussed before installation. Our professionals will check all details, including waterproofing, to ensure quality during the polyaspartic flooring installation.