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Benefits of OxFloors

What are the benefits of coating your patio deck with Ox Floors?

  • Life of Home Warranty: We guarantee that for as long as you use our floors, they will remain in perfect condition
  • Durability: Our floors have the most advanced formula on the market so they can last for over 20 years
  • UV-Resistant: It does not yellow, fade, or peel with sun exposure after years of usage
  • 10x Stronger: Since it is chemically bonded to the concrete it can resist oil, paint, gas, stains, and hot tires without detaching
  • Fast curing: In just 3 hours the installation will be ready, so you can be back on your floor on the same day
  • Odorless: The installation process is done without any exposure to odors or fumes

What is the patio deck coating process?​

We know that details are important for a successful application of polyaspartic floors, that’s why we want to take you step by step on how the patios floor coating process works:

Inspection and testing

We inspect the area prior to installation to determine the correct solution while also performing additional tests depending on the condition of the slab, the use of the space, the age of the building, and more. It may include calcium chloride or relative humidity tests to determine moisture content, or if the slab is contaminated.

Substrate Preparation

Based on the information found in these tests and site visits, we will be able to determine if there are slabs contaminated with oils which may also need to be degreased to achieve a proper adhesion. Preparation is the most important process to ensure there is a proper bond with the substrate.


The coating procedure in patio commonly ranges from screeding and smoothing the floor, to spreading the material with all the details, including waterproofing the floor, penetrations and drains. They are analyzed before the work starts.


Frequently asked questions ox floors
Which type of flooring is better for patios?

Polyaspartic is the most resistant and durable option in floor coating services. The results are designed to withstand frequent use and treatment.

Which is the most economical patio flooring?

There are cheap floor options when discussing coatings, but if we bring up price and quality, polyaspartic wins. The results of this coating are long-lasting, and we mean 20 years of duration and resistance. In conclusion, it is our best recommendation.

Which is the coolest outdoor flooring?

Also solid and durable, the polyaspartic coating meets the customer’s design and color finishes choice. In addition, this coating is willing to meet our client’s demands.

Find our coverage areas.

If you are in Florida, this is where you can get to know the counties where we provide our services. We can locate you and give you our floor coating service in the following counties:

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